Milan Jacovich Index Notes

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This is an index to the Milan Jacovich detective series by Les Roberts. The index was created by .

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The following is a list of the prefixes used for each book. All novels in print as of 2000 are included. In chronological order, the books are:

Prefix Book title Year published
PP Pepper Pike 1988
FC Full Cleveland 1989
DS Deep Shaker 1991
CC Cleveland Connection 1993
CB Collision Bend 1996
CL Cleveland Local 1997
SC A Shoot in Cleveland 1998
BK The Best-Kept Secret 1999
IS The Indian Sign 2000

Subheadings under "character" name headings are listed in "event order," i.e., the order in which they occur in the books; the exception is the heading Jacovich, Milan, which has first-level alphabetical subheadings followed by second-level subheadings in event order.  Headings which consist of lists of things, such as Bridges, Movies, Restaurants and bars, etc., have alphabetized subheadings. Persons’ names are alphabetized by surname even when preceded by the first name, e.g., under the heading Television, the subheading Sixty Minutes precedes the cross-reference Mary Soderberg—See Soderberg, Mary.

Citations to books include the prefixes noted above and a page number which is the same for both hardback and paperback editions.  The citations are presented in published book order.

Lastly, pop-up "tip" boxes will display the current sub/heading level(s) if the cursor is left on a subheading momentarily.