Publishing & Indexing Clients

Client Types for Our Publishing/Indexing Software & Services

Governments & Agencies

Australian Parliaments
Canadian Legislative Assemblies

Federal Reserve Board (Washington, DC)
International Monetary Fund (Washington, DC)
Library of Parliament (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
New Zealand Parliament
Parliament of Singapore
State Governments

United Nations (New York, NY)
U.S. House of Representatives (Washington, DC)
The White House's Office of Management & Budget (Washington, DC)

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Legal & Accounting

AILA (Washington, DC)
Barclay's (San Francisco, CA)
Bancroft Whitney (San Francisco, CA)
Bloomberg BNA (Arlington, VA)
Butterworths (Markham, ON, Canada)
Carswell Publishing (Scarborough, ON, Canada)
Code Publishing (Seattle, WA)
Congressional Quarterly (Washington, DC)
Continuing Legal Education (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Deloitte (Washington, DC)
General Code Publishing (Rochester, NY)
Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (Springfield, IL)
Innodata (Philippines)
Lexis-Nexis (Dayton, OH)

RIA (New York, NY)
Tax Analysts (Arlington, VA)
Thomson Reuters (Cleveland, OH, Rochester, NY, & Eagan, MN)

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Publishers & Corporations

Cengage Learning [formerly Gale Group] (Farmington Hills, MI)
Consumers Union (Yonkers, NY)
Deere & Co. (Moline, IL)
Martha Stewart Living
MacMillan (India)
Medical Economics (Montvale, NJ)
Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, WA)
Mosby Yearbook (St. Louis, MO)
Pearson Education (NJ et al.)
ProQuest [formerly Cambridge Scientific Abstracts] (Bethesda, MD)
Publications International (Lincolnwood, IL)
Snap-on Business Solutions (Richfield, OH)
Textbooks International / Aptara (New Dehli, India)
Thomson Reuters (Eagan, MN)
US Pharmacopeia (Bethesda, MD)
W.B. Saunders (Philadelphia, PA)
World Book Publishing (Chicago, IL)

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Centers, Institutes, Societies

AILA (Washington, DC)
ASM International (Materials Park, OH)
Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (Springfield, IL)
National Geographic Society (Washington, DC)
Philosophy Documentation Center (Charlottesville, VA)
Philosophy Information Center (Bowling Green, OH)
RILM Abstracts (New York, NY)
Ruth Mott Foundation (Flint, MI)
Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)

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