Downloading Information for LevTech & CINDEX Software Purchases

Instructions on Downloading Purchased Software

After purchasing software or a software upgrade from LevTech, you will receive an email with access information to allow you to download this software. Downloadable software includes CINDEX for Windows, specialty spelling dictionaries, LevTech utilities, and possibly custom software.

The information required to accomplish downloading is your customer id and the serial number(s) of the software. Once you have this information, you may return in the future to re-download the software if necessary. In the case of CINDEX, particularly if you have order a hard-copy manual, you may also receive a CD of the software via U.S. or International mail or delivery. If you are only receiving the software via download, you should save the installation kit on a CD-ROM for additional backup purposes should it be required. All downloaded software arrives with a PDF manual.

1. When you go to the downloads page, you will enter your customer id. After that hit the Display Software button. A new page should display listing the software products assigned to the customer id. If instead you get a message such as unknown customer id, please contact LevTech.

2. Next to each software name is a place to enter the software's serial number. After entering a serial number, the software name should become a link which you can click to initiate the download. A message may appear if you enter a serial number not assigned to your customer id. If you are entering the correct serial number, contact LevTech. As new versions of the software are released to coincide with changes to CINDEX, where appropriate, older versions of the software will be removed from the download site. When this occurs, you will need to purchase an upgrade to the software that will work with the new version of CINDEX.

3. When you initiate a download, please select a destination directory whose name you will remember, such as "my documents" or "temp".