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EntryExpander is a utility for creating multiple entries from a single entry that is a "list" of authors, keywords, etc.

This utility saves quite a bit of time when creating name indexes. These special indexes, frequently required for scholarly textbooks or psychology books, involve the inputting of names from bibliographies.

If you can get a Word or PDF file from your client, LevTech also offers conversion services including extracting the author lists in bibliographies into index records that can be imported. This includes the year for the reference's citation so that the same multiple authors for different references are kept as separate records.

Whether you input the author listrecords or have them extracted, next you apply the page numbers to the records. You would then run EntryExpander and review it's log for any error messages that need to be adressed. If there are any, edit the index and rerun EntryExpander. See the details below for more information.


"I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with Entry Expander. I just finished up an author index with 4764 names, and I could not have gotten the job finished on time without Entry Expander. It is a wonderful little program which has repaid me many times over the amount I spent for it in this one indexing job."

"I love the program. The last time I did names without it my husband helped me "spin" the individual names out of groups and ended up at the doctor with a repetitive wrist injury. We are talking hours of work vs. 2-3 minutes with EntryExpander."


Each publication's authors should be entered in one index record. They can be placed in separate fields or listed in one field or both. For example,

    Smith, A.; Thomson, B.; Walker, C.

The year is needed if there are multiple books for Smith & Thompson. If multiple books for the same authors exist for the same year, you can use 2002a, etc.

This input scheme allows you to track the bibliography entries during index creation and editing as a single unit. To this record, you add page references for where the book is cited:

    Smith, A.; Thomson, B.; Walker, C.
            17, 68, 101, 156

Once all the page references from the book have been added to these records, you may want to check that all bibliography entries have had page numbers added to them. Following any checking, the Expander utility separates each name into its own record with its associated page numbers. Without this utility, you would need manually to do this separation of the names into individual records. A user of the program reports on one project saving as much as 10 hours of labor! So in the end, you have these records:

    Smith, A.
            17, 68, 101, 156
    Thomson, B.
            17, 68, 101, 156
    Walker, C.
            17, 68, 101, 156

Note that any year heading is removed, since it is not required in the final name index.

Additionally, EntryExpander can perform validations on the format of the author names.

EntryExpander will accept as input: CINDEX .cdx, .dat, and .arc files, Macrex .mbk files. SkyIndex users can export & import CINDEX .dat files to utilize EntryExpander.

Pricing and Ordering

create multiple entries from consolidated entries
compatible with Cindex, Sky Index, Macrex