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The Mapper utility provides a simple method for updating locators from one reference to another via a map file. While CINDEX and other indexing software allow you to alter page numbers, changing complicated section numbers, legal citations, and other such locators usually must be done by hand--one at at time.

Mapper utilizes a map file you create in a word processor, a text editor, or even CINDEX or Sky Index. The mappings you create are simply the old locator to look for and the new locator to substitute for the old. A single map file could be applied to many index files. Mapper can report various conditions such as mismatches or unused mappings so that you can verify that all the proper substitutions were made.

Mapper also has options allowing you to add electronic links to the existing locator. This approach is often combined with HTML/Prep for projects repurposing print indexes for the web.

It can also process TIM mappings using long and short UID lists for embedded indexing projects.


Pricing and Ordering

check or update section numbers
Compatible with Cindex and Sky Index