CINDEX™ — A Powerful Indexing Tool for Publishers

CINDEXenables users to produce the finest indexes in virtually any format with remarkable efficiency and speed.  The reliability, flexibility and ability to choose among formatting options for print publications and electronic products makes CINDEX the software of choice for organizations worldwide.  Leverage Technologies is the exclusive, authorized agent for corporate, government, NGO, and institutional accounts providing sales, support, upgrades, integration services, and training for the Publishers' Edition of CINDEX.

As the publishing industry's premier index preparation software, CINDEX provides the commercial or in-house publisher with an easy-to-use, yet powerful program to create, edit, sort and generate a wide variety of indexes and tables for publication in desktop publishing systems or via SGML and XML.  CINDEX is available for the Windows and Macintosh platforms.  

From the simplest manual to the most complex legal reference publication, from scholarly journals to encyclopedias, whether going to print, CD-ROM, the Web, or an e-book, CINDEX quickly handles time-consuming indexing operations like sorting, checking cross references, and formatting — all of which frees you to concentrate on the intellectual content of the index. 

Leverage Technologies works with each client to ensure that CINDEX fits into their workflow and that it integrates with existing system processes. We can assist in building processes to import data into CINDEX or help transform the export of index data to form client-specific SGML, XML, or X/HTML for subsequent publication in print or in electronic media.
Our CINDEX clients are large and small organizations. They include Lexis-Nexis, Thomson Reuters as well as many small publishers, governments, agencies, institutions, and non-profit organizations. To find out more information about CINDEX and Leverage Technologies visit us at