CINDEX™ Editorial & Training Services

CINDEX is a very robust and feature/functionality rich index preparation software. The same thing can be said of Microsoft Word. Yet Word has many third-party add-ons and is often customized by macros to accomplish workflow-specific tasks.

Publishing scenarios for print, electronic, or both can require or be improved by workflow analysis and integration of other elements such as, off-the-shelf utilities or custom software. LevTech works with CINDEX customers to accomplish meet any requirements to smooth the workflow or fill in the gaps in the workflow. One common element in most worflows is creating a push the button / click the icon user interface that accomplish many tasks of a workflow in an automated process.

LevTech offers many utilities that accomplish specialized tasks for different scenarios. Of note is LevTech's CinScript which automates CINDEX itself and any Windows commands or invocation of other programs. For instance, a program made need to run on XML files to extract data and format it for CINDEX import, then CINDEX needs to be called to load the created data, next run a validation program and finally, print a resultant log file showing any validation errors on the cumulative index file. Click on the CINDEX Workflow link for more information.

Lastly, because of the many features of CINDEX, customers often request CINDEX training services so that all users will be trained in the same way at the same time. The course is usually tailored to fit the customers publishing scenario and data. Click on the CINDEX Training link on the left for more information, or contact LevTech.