CINDEX™ Software for Publishing & Indexing

CINDEX is available for Windows and Macintosh. CINDEX for Windows v3.0 requires Windows XP SP2 or later. CINDEX for Macintosh requires 10.5 or later. (Users of CINDEX for Windows v2.0 can still order additional licenses from our "ordering info" page.)

For those upgrading to v3.0, this video shows some of the new features. CINDEX v3.0 supports Unicode characters, outputs SGML and XML, and more—see features below. CINDEX v3.0 for Macintosh and Windows indexes are interchangeable. An XML record exchange format allows for data to work with other software as well. Open source dictionaries are used to support spell checking of non-English (American) languages and some discipline-specific terminology.

Upgrades from earlier versions of CINDEX are available. Please refer to our "ordering info" page.

CINDEX is a product of Indexing Research in New York. LevTech is the exclusive authorized agent for corporate and government accounts in North America providing sales, support, upgrades, integration, and training; and for the Publisher' Edition sales & support world-wide. If you are a freelancer and interested in CINDEX, contact Indexing Research directly at 585-413-1819 or visit the Indexing Research web site.

A downloadable demo copy of CINDEX with a complete manual in PDF is available from the Indexing Research web site. It is limited to 500 index records per index (file) and the spell checking is disabled.  Otherwise it is fully functional allowing testing of all its features. A hard-copy manual and diskette can be ordered instead, please see the pricing at the end of this page.

As the publishing industry's premier indexing program, CINDEX provides professional indexers with the software resources needed to produce the finest, most complete indexes possible. As a commercial or in-house publisher, this easy-to-use, yet powerful program helps you create, edit, sort and generate a wide variety of indexes and tables.

From the simplest manual to the most complex legal reference publication, whether going to print, CD-ROM, the Web, or an e-book, CINDEX quickly handles time-consuming indexing operations, like sorting, checking, cross references and formatting -- all of which frees you to concentrate on the intellectual content of the index. In fact, CINDEX's reliability, flexibility and array of formatting options make it the software program of choice for professional indexers worldwide.

CINDEX Features

CINDEX has a powerful screen editor that displays entries as they would appear on index cards. You can use the editor freely to alter the text of and entry, copy text of headings from the previous entry, or exchange heading and subheading with a single keystroke.  Add or remove characters, words and lines easily.

Instantly reach or verify the existence of any entry merely by specifying some leading characters.  You can search the index forwards or backwards for particular words or phrases, or more complex constructs, in alphabetical order or order of entry.

CINDEX will accept references (page numbers, section numbers, etc.) in virtually any form, including mixed roman and Arabic numerals, dates and multi-part references of the kind found in journals.  It will organize and display them in any way you choose.

Place cross references immediately after main headings or after subheadings, as you prefer.  CINDEX automatically finds questionable cross references and references to missing entries.

You can alphabetize and index using letter-by-letter or word-by-word rules.

Entries can also be sorted by page reference or date.  There is no limit to the heading length or depth of subheading to be sorted.

Easily identify entries that contain unnecessary levels of subheading and convert such subheadings to modifiers of the heading at the level above, automatically.

You have complete control of the layout of the finished index, which may be indexed to run-in style, or mixed.  You can output the index to a printer while controlling the page-length, number of text columns, margins, indents for subheadings, and more.  Or you can output to a file as ASCII text, for word processing software, desktop publishing software, or even SGML or other mark-up encodings for use in typesetting software and electronic publications.

CINDEX allows you to work on more than one index at a time, so that, for example, you can split a large index into parts and recombine them later. Indexes prepared at different times can be cumulated.

CINDEX can import or export records to other applications in the standard formats used by database programs.

Spell checking can be performed on a complete index file, only on specified entries, or parts of entries. It will suggest words or allow you to supply a replacement. Words can be added to your own user dictionaries.

The Publishers' Edition also has network awareness. Click here for deployment tips.

Some indexes produced using CINDEX and HTML/Prep:


CINDEX is licensed on a per seat or per machine basis not on a concurrent user or site basis. For example if you have three people that need to use CINDEX then it is installed on each machine. CINDEX is delivered via download. CD-ROMs are available for an extra charge as are printed manuals.

Pricing and Ordering

For first-time purchasers there are no volume or other special discounts based on type of client (for instance, educational or non-profit situations). After the first license, additional license are roughly half-price no matter the number that are purchased. This is true over time as long as your licenses are kept up-to-date with an priced upgrades that are issued.

Please refer to our ordering info page for other pricing and ordering information. You can also Contact LevTech if you have further questions about CINDEX software for publishing and indexing.