CINDEX™ - Deployment

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Network Deployment Notes

CINDEX for Windows is a 32-bit application that makes use of the Windows registry during installation and operation.  It is not client/server software.  It's executable, DLLs, and other ancillary files, as well as the user files it creates, can be placed on a server.  However, the software still needs to be "installed" on each PC from which it will be used.

Sites with a small number of licenses may simply install from the diskettes onto each machine.  Larger sites or sites wishing to control the installation more tightly may want to deploy the software using the Novell Application Launcher (if your site has it).  This also facilitates deploying changes to the site's configuration files and/or software updates.

To deploy with NAL, it is easiest to install CINDEX on one machine, instantiate the appropriate user settings (usually done by an indexer and/or system staff person—see below), then grab the appropriate files and settings for deployment across the network, to wit:


The attributes and preferences controlling CINDEX's operation are found in various items under the Document menu and the Edit/Preferences tabs.  These include settings for controlling the formatting, style, sorting, editing, security, and default file folders.  Often the default settings will suffice but they should be reviewed to conform to practices at your site.

Any setting can be over riden by creating new files with specially created templates, invoking style sheets, or simply changing settings within a specific index file.