CINDEX™ Training Services

Formal CINDEX training at customer sites is available from LevTech on a per day basis plus out-of-pocket travel expenses (airfare, lodging, tolls, parking, mileage, etc.). Contact us for details.

A training facility that has one personal computer per trainee is recommended as much of the training is hands on. Availability of an LCD projector is also recommended.

The training normally consists of a 3.5 hour basic session and 2.5 hour advanced session. Depending on the number of trainees and seats available more than one basic training session may be required.

The goal of the basic training is to familiarize all CINDEX users with the methods and shortcuts for adding, editing, deleting, and navigating records. Time is also spent on find/replace operations as well as file management.

The goal of the advanced training is to walk through the menu tools, settings, and preferences to determine what should be used at the customer site. Hopefully, a template file containing the appropriate settings will result. Discussion also takes place on how to store and manages indexes on the network as well as prepare them for publication (print or web). In addition to the chief indexer(s), other staff appropriate for this sessions are: network and/or production/composition specialists.

Prior to the training, LevTech would like to receive a representative sample of the indexes to be created and the corresponding textual matter if necessary. The index can be hard-copy and/or an electronic file if one exists.