Custom Publishing Applications

LevTech provides a variety of services to publishers across the gamut of editorial areas: from database systems to batch composition.

LevTech also works with freelance and in-house indexers to provide specialty programs which may process index data in ways LevTech's off-the-shelf utilities cannot. Often this type of work deals with conversion of index data in a mainframe or word processor format into a file that can be loaded into CINDEX. But at times indexing projects can benefit from programmatic handling of data to help merge, transform, or validate data that comes from multiple sources or is complex when dealt with manually.

The resulting benefits of custom programs are reliability, timesavings, quality assurance, and peace of mind. Often a freelance can obtain direct payment for these program efforts from the publisher/client. Or if a type of work occurs over and over, the savings come from long-term use of such programs.

LevTech performs development with any of the following applications, but we are not limited to these: