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Developed exclusively for large-scale indexing projects, the SumDex utility helps you better manage your projects by creating a variety of useful authority lists tailored to meet your specific needs.  The authority lists can show the main headings, first-level subheadings, and/or cross references including their "from" as well as "to" locations.

With SumDex, you can create an authority list for a large index that is split into an unlimited number of separate files.  Authority lists produced by SumDex can be distributed to the indexers on your projects to help them gain greater access to the project's current vocabulary, eliminating much of the tedium of merging similar headings later in the project. SumDex can also output the authority list so it can be imported into CINDEX for use with H/Check.

The cross reference validation feature is the most useful function. Index preparation software like CINDEX and Sky Index can validate main heading to main heading cross references. Larger indexes often have cross references which target the first and possibly the second subheading levels. The syntax of these multilevel targets varies and usually involves some punctuation or extra phrases to make it clear to the user what the target is. For example:


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validate special cross references and report heading structures
Compatible with Cindex and Sky Index