Leverage Technologies Client Testimonials

Product-specific testimonials are included on the product's description page.

 “Dave's work is superlative. I would recommend him for any and all kinds of IT work. He is a quinessential consultant--he quickly understands requirements and produces production-ready processes well within the timeframe. He's proposed innovations that have worked very well for us. For my particular project, Dave easily grasped the tenets of data modeling in SGML/XML. First, he helped us to develop the data model itself, then he built the conversion process produce documents to meet those complex tagging and parsing requirements. Last, he built the workflow that flawlessly delivers these documents to our Web platform. All this happens without a hitch. We never have data errors or processing failures. As a programmer analyst, Dave has few peers.” August 31, 2010

“I've worked with Dave for 14 years at BNA. He is able to communicate easily with fellow programmers and clients. When an issue is discovered he is quick to determine the problem and offer a solution. I consider him one of the top programmers that I have worked with.” August 7, 2010

“As a book editor in the publishing industry, Dave is the person I go to when I need a creative solution to expedite production of complicated legal text. His education in computer programming coupled with his years of experience in the publishing industry have made him a great asset on several of my projects.” July 15, 2010

“Dave Ream has worked with me on BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges and Clerks as a consultant developing the underlying database for the book. He is quick, reliable and excellent at explaining technological issues in a straight-forward way making everything easily understandable to the non-technical staff.” January 7, 2009

 “Dave is a highly competent programmer who has repeatedly helped us solve problems in a prompt and cost-effective manner. He's great to work with and I'm happy to recommend him.” October 15, 2010

 “I have worked with David for many years on numerous projects at BNA. David is an excellent programmer -- he takes the time to understand thoroughly what your needs are and makes appropriate suggestions, completes the work in a timely manner, and helps you test for accuracy. I enjoy working with him because he will continue to work with you on a project until you are happy with the results.” August 12, 2010

“We are lucky that we found Dave. The code he provided does marvelous things that some people thought could not happen without expensive, manual work. Dave worked patiently with many folks of varying technical backgrounds, and he kept the project on task through our slow and, at times, agonizing decision-making processes. If we hadn't found Dave, I suspect we'd still be six months out to never on getting the project done.”

 “David Ream has helped my business by providing effective computer consultant advice and producing software and programs to improve my company's efficiency, accuracy, and quality. Whenever I have asked Dave to solve a problem for me, he responds quickly -- his prices are reasonable and I have gone back to him again and again on projects. I give him the highest recommendation for those seeking programming assistance on information projects whether editorial, taxonomy, database, or indexing work. His many years in the business gives him a wealth of knowledge on which to draw, and he has the ability to explain technical matter in a way that makes it accessible.” August 5, 2010

“I have worked with and known Dave for years. He is a results-oriented consultant, a quick study, very personable, and flexible. He is an "all around great guy who gets the job done."” July 17, 2010

“David responds quickly to problems and applies his creativity and knowledge to finding a solution. He works collaboratively and listens carefully and patiently to suggestions. He is indispensible, an essential element in the team that produces a product that I am responsible for.” July 16, 2010

“I could have checked all of the attributes above. Dave has always been very easy to work with and has consistently delivered outstanding results. We purchased our indexing software through him and he helped us install it and did the initial training. Over the years we have purchased several additional add-on programs from him and have also hired him to write new programs specifically for us. We have always had outstanding results. His work is always on time and he works closely with us to make sure that he is meeting our business needs. I have no hesitation in giving him the highest recommendation.” July 16, 2010

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