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FlipNames is a utility reverse all names of persons in a index of authors or names.

This utility saves quite a bit of time when creating name indexes. These special indexes, frequently required for scholarly textbooks or psychology books,often involve the inputting of names from bibliographies or the text of the book.

If you can get a Word or PDF file from your client, LevTech also offers conversion services including extracting the author lists in bibliographies into index records that can be imported. This includes the year for the reference's citation so that the same multiple authors for different references are kept as separate records. However, names are often picked up via copy and paste from the text and thus are in first name, last name format. Rather than flipping the names manually or with a pattern, finish adding the names and locators then use FlipNames to put the names in last name, first name order en masse.

Whether you input the author listrecords or have them extracted, next you apply the page numbers to the records. You would then run FlipNames and review it's log for any error messages that need to be adressed. If there are any, edit the index and rerun FlipNames. See the details below for more information.

FlipNames allows you to specify the flip point so that "John von Neuman" will flip to "von Neuman, John". If the index also contains names the should not be flipped ("Pope John Paul", "Jack the Ripper", "United Nations", etc.) you can also flag those as well.

Generational suffixes (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) are also reconized and handled appropriately.

Additionally, FlipNames performs validations on the format of the names.

FlipNames will accept as input: CINDEX .cdx, .dat, and .arc files, Macrex .mbk files. SkyIndex users can export & import CINDEX .dat files to utilize FlipNames.

Pricing and Ordering

reverses personal names in an index
compatible with Cindex, Sky Index