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FootnoteRanges is a utility to conflate a series of locators with footnote numbers into a range and/or list when the same page number is reflected in the locators in an index.

This utility saves time over doing it manually—and improves accuracy. Some locator validation is also performed.

NOTE: numbers shown below could also could be endnote numbers; they are treated similarly.

Example of range:
35n13, 35n14, 35n15 becomes 35n<n>13-15
or, if different separators are specified:
35n.13, 35n.14, 35n.15 becomes 35n<n.>13-15

If the suppress page number mode is set:
35n13, 35n14, 35n15, 35n18, 35n19, 35n22, 35n26 becomes 35n<n>13-15, 18-19, 22, 26

The footnote number lead text can also be italicized::
35nn13-15, 18-19, 22, 26; 43n55

FootnoteRanges will accept as input: CINDEX .ucdx and .ixml files (also used by Sky Index).

Pricing and Ordering

Create ranges and lists of footnote numbers.