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PageAdjuster is a utility for performing batch page adjustments on an index. Indexers often create locators utilizing dummy chapter/page numbers when the pagination for a book has not yet been finalized. These numbers normally take the form of a chapter number 'dot' page number: 1.1, ..., 5.1, 5.2, ..., 6.1, ... with each chapter beginning with page number one. When final pagination is known, the indexer needs to substitute the actual page numbers running through the book for the dummy chapter/page numbers. This can be accomplished utilizing CINDEX's Alter References tool (or the analogous function in Sky Index) and is easy enough to do for books with a few chapters. However, for some types of books, for example, large medical publications, there can be hundreds of chapters. This task then becomes time consuming and error prone. All separators like the dot, can be specified if you chose to use a different one for entry.

PageAdjuster makes it easier by reading the list of chapters and their final beginning and ending page numbers. This list can be created in CINDEX or Sky Index as well.

This chapter list would look like this:

    1 ... 3-12
    2 ... 14-23
    3 ... 24-35

So it is easy to enter and proof the list and print it out for a reference.

This list is then applied against the index file(s) to make all the necessary page number adjustments in one batch. Validations are performed on the chapter list information, on the format of the dummy numbers, and on the resultant page numbers ensuring that there are not bad page numbers created. Any errors are logged to be resolved and the program can be re-run to obtain a clean adjustment process.

Multivolume publications can be processed as well for situations where each volume starts with page number one. The chapter list information would include the volume numbers. The volume number will be prepended to the final page number usually with a colon.

    1 ... 27 ... 14-23
    1 ... 29 ... 24-35
    2 ... 44 ... 97-105

Pricing and Ordering

convert dummy numbers to actual page numbers using a chapter list
Compatible with Cindex and Sky Index